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1 Cheat GB G-Cash + EXP on Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:33 am

™Member Pekalongan™

Sgt. 1st Class Grade 2
Sgt. 1st Class Grade 2
Link Download : sharebeast.com/jxb35hgfy4yi
Fitur ada di dalam Cheat

Fitures :
[D3D Menu]
Mini Indo
Chams Tero
Chams Police
No Smoke
No Fog
No Flash
Name Tag
Esp Line
Anti Respwn
Hp Up +20
Quick Fast
Unyu Mode | Bug Wallshot
Dino Replace Hack
Speed Mode
Plant Bom
Defuse Bom
Ghost Wanna Be!
Auto Bug Luxvile
Ammo Limited
Accuracy 100%
Quick Change
Set Replace
Auto Headshot
Aim Head (New)
Auto Fire Shoutgun
Anti Program Ilegal
Anti Banned
Check Premium
Exit Game
Recomendation Cheat 2
PointBlank Spanyol [Active]
PointBlank Rusia [Active]
PointBlank Thailand [Active]
PointBlank Philipina [Active]
PointBlank Turkey [Active]
PointBlank Indonesia [Active]
PointBlank Tahadi / ARAB [Active]
PointBlank Colombia / Amerika Latin [Active]
PointBlank Korea [Active]
PointBlank Amrika / PBLackout (Nothing)
PointBlank SG / Singapura [Active]
Hotkeys D3D Menu:
D3d Menu On/OFF : INSERT
Arah Panah kanan = ON
Arah Panah Kiri OFF
Arah Panah ats & Bawah Pilih cit
Tutorial :
Buka PB launcher | Open PB Launc
Buka Cheat | Open Cheat
Keluar Message Box/notice | Display Message >> Click OK
Ok,ok saja Hepii Cheatting dah
Tutorial Burst mode
Burst = Buat yang Suka Ber MAIN SG an = Tidak untuk senjata bebas[Selain Weapon SG tidak Bisa/Hacking tool]
Bagi yang Ingin pakai 1 hit + Burst SG Tekan HOME Saat Loading Hacksield[saat hackield Muncul di kanan bawah] , bagi yg tidak ingin pakai gak usah tekan home[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Keterangan : BUAT WINDOWS 7 and Windows Vista
-Buka Cheat Jangan Menggunakan DOUBLE klik!!!
-Tapi menggunakan Klik kanan -Runadministrator
-Buka PB nya pun jangan pakai Double Klik
-Tapi menggunakan Klik kanan -Runadministrator juga
Okay paham KAN

Tested Windows Xp = 3 jam ++ WORK!
Tested Windows 7 = 2 Jam ++ WORK!

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