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Admin of Platinum Community

Mediafire link - mediafire.com ?696prpc282t953c

Ini Adalah Dragonnest Hack;

* Works di semua Dragon Nest Server - NA, KR, SEA, INA!

* Work PERFECT - Terutama di INA dan SEA !

* Tidak Terdetek. Kamu tidak akan dibanned (100% dijamin)

* File begitu KECIL, tapi effect begitu besar (100% dijamin)

* Sudah di tes dan Update setiap harinya!

* Sangat mudah digunakan ^^

*The MOST stable hack ever created on net -- Run as many times as you wish without a single error.

*The ONLY WORKING and LEGIT Dragon Nest Hack/Cheat/Bot on the net. (100% Satisfaction).

*Rated Number 1# hack in terms of speed and efficiency (100% guarantee)

*24/7 ONLINE server -- you will not get any error connecting to our database while using this hack (100% guarantee)


1. Buka DragonNest.

2. Buka Cheat.

3. Klik Injector lalu klik 'Hubungkan ke server dragon nest'.

3. Klik cheatnya dan akan muncul " the hack is activated"

4. Pilih F1 - F9 untuk mengaktifkannya

5. That's all. Enjoy the game and make sure you keep the Dragon Nest running in the backgroud

Fitur cheat Dragon Nest tool;;

F1 - 999999 Gold Hack ( press to set your gold to 999999)

F2 - Wall Hack ( press to activate this option. Once activated, you may be able to see through the wall easily)

F3 - No Cooldown ( press to activate this option. All your skills can be casted continuously with zero cooldown)

F4 - Speed Hack ( press to activate this option. You may now move very fast)

F5 - Unlimited Health/GODMODE ( press to activate this option. Your health will regenerate at an insane rate)

F6 - No Animation ( Self explanatory)

F7 - Invisible ( press to activate this option. You are now invisible to all units. Press again to disable this option)

F8 - One Hit KO ( press to activate this option. Any units including
other characters will die from one hit of yours) Please dont abuse this
option because you might get reported and banned!

F9 - Zero Gravity ( press to activate this option. You may now float in the air. Press again to disable it).

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Kok dianggap virus y?
ada keyloggernya y?

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Kayak nya Ini engga ada apa apa deh , Coba aja Matiin dulu ANVIR nya (ANTIVIRUS)

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Admin of Platinum Community

Sepertinya Ini memang Virus Seperti Keylogger deh Soalnya di komputer ane terdeteksi virus

Harap kepada Para member Platinum Sebelum Posting , Tolong Patuhi Rules terlebih dahulu untuk menghindari WARN
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koq gak bisa ya bos?

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takut kena virus laaa T_T

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